Cafe & Wine Soup Lunch 

Soup Lunch 9,50€

Served at  11 am. - 3 pm.

Warm breads with side salad:

REINDEER (L) 14,50€

Sautéed reindeer, raclette cheese, Chipotle mayonnaise, lingonberry compote, paprika-onion roast

LAMB (L) 13,50€

Lamb from Dry meadow lamb farm, raclette cheese, Chipotle mayonnaise, kimchi, pickled jalapeno

ROACH (L) 13,00€

Roach preserve, umami mayonnaise, pickled red onion, granny's cucumber.

All portions are available gluten free. Ask the staff about allergens. 

= lactose free, LL = low-lactose, = gluten free, = milk-free