Neidon Sydän Oy provides food services in Pelkosenniemi

Lunch and Café Neidon Sydän is located on the premises of Pelkosenniemi Health Center. Serves a tasty lunch on weekdays as well as café delicacies for sweet hunger.

We offer catering services in Pelkosenniemi, as well as in nearby municipalities for small or larger events. We also make various pastries, cakes, etc. to order.

The pizzas are baked on Saturdays and Sundays for weekend delicacies.

You're welcome to explore our new business!

From Neidon Sydän's online store, you can order cottage foods, breads, pastries or moose burger ingredients. The products sold in the online store vary according to the season

The minimum order quantity for cottage food is four servings. Orders must be placed two days before delivery. Delivery fee 10 € / order for Pyhätunturi tourist area.

It is also possible to pick up the products from our kitchen or kiosk trolley during their opening hours without delivery charge.


Sodankyläntie 202
98500 Pelkosenniemi
050 550 8878

Street kitchen -vaunu avaa seuraavaksi luukut joulusesonkiin Pyhällä perherinteen ala-asemalla.

Neidon Sydän street kitchen Pyhätunturilla

Neidon Sydän street kitchen Pelkosenniemen uimarannalla.

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