Neidon Sydän Cafe & Wine at Pyhätunturi

Neidon Sydän's new branch Cafe & Wine operates at the Pyhätunturi shopping center. The selection includes, for example, a soup lunch, tasty savory breads, delicious showcase products from our own kitchen, specialty coffees and a high-quality selection of drinks.

We are open Tuesday-Saturday 11-18

You can order cottage foods, breads or pastries from Neidon Sydän online store. The products sold in the online store vary depending on the season.

The minimum order quantity for cottage dishes is four portions. Orders must be placed two days before delivery. Delivery fee €15 / order to the Pyhätunturi tourist area.

It is also possible to pick up the products from the production kitchen or Cafe & Wine during their opening hours without a delivery fee.

We offer catering services in Pelkosenniemi and nearby municipalities for small or large events. We also make various pastries, cakes, etc. to order.