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Cottage portion

Do you want to spend an evening with family or friends in your own cabin with good food. Now you can easily order several different meal packages for the number of people you want from Neidon Sydän online store. We deliver the ready meals cold, and you can heat them up exactly when it suits you.


There are several meal options in our menu that you can choose from. We have also considered vegetarian and vegan options. find out more in our online store.

We deliver all food to your door in the Pyhätunturi area and, if separately agreed, also to the wider Pyhä-Luosto tourist area. Meals can be also picked up from Café Neidon Sydän in Pyhätunturi.

The order must be made at least two days in advance. Minimum order is for 4 people.

You can place food orders directly from the online store. You can also place an order via the reservation form if you want delivery more than a week later.

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