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Payment methods​

You pay for your purchases easily and safely online with us.



You can use easy and safe payment methods in Neidon Sydän online store. The products and their possible delivery costs are paid in connection with the order in the online store. You can see the total amount of your order throughout the checkout process.


In the online store, you can pay with the most common valid payment card. Payment is made through the online payment service provider Wix Payments.


You can also pay for your purchases via Google pay and Apple pay.

As a company, you can also pay for your purchases with an invoice. Please place an order via the contact form on the website or by contacting us directly by phone.

Payment cards

Valid VISA and Mastercard debit and credit cards and several other international payment cards.


Wix Payments is the provider of the payment brokerage service. Read the terms and conditions of the service at this link

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